Towing and Roadside Services in Morgantown, WV

Waterfront Towing Offers Multiple Roadside Services

Waterfront Towing is a towing company, but we do so much more than tow vehicles. We offer many different services related to towing and roadside services When you call us from Interstate 79, Interstate 68, Route 19, or another local road near Morgantown, WV, we are able to provide all of our 24/7 emergency services, which include lockout services, jumpstarts, flat tire repair, vehicle accident recovery, general auto repair, and other repairs. Give us a call at (304) 534‑4880 in your time of need.

Waterfront Towing’s Services Include:

24/7 Emergency Services

Overheated Engine

Gas Refuel

Brake Repair

Trust Our Jumpstarts to Bring Your Battery Back to Life

Some drivers have jumper cables and have access to another vehicle for a jumpstart, but if you do not have jumper cables or another car, or you do not trust your jumpstarting skills, Waterfront Towing is here for you. You could ask a family member, friend or neighbor for a jumpstart, but that might not be possible, or it might be highly inconvenient. You should call Waterfront Towing if you do not want to bother your friends or family or jumper cables are not available.

Expert Auto Repair Services at Affordable Rates

Your vehicle might need auto repair services along one of the local roads or in a parking lot or driveway. Whether you need lockout services, a jumpstart for your dead battery, a flat tire repaired, accident recovery of your vehicle, or need some other kind of repair, Waterfront Towing will come to your aid when you really need us. We know it is a stressful situation being stranded along the road, so we try to take all of the stress away with our friendly, understanding, professional attitude, and affordable rates for our roadside service. Give us a call if your vehicle breaks down in our service areas.

Proudly Serving These Areas in Monongalia County, WV

Morgantown, WV

Westover, WV

Star City, WV

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