Flat Tire Repair in Fairmont, WV

Waterfront Towing Repairs and Changes Tires Roadside

Many of us have experienced a flat tire as we have been driving, and it is not a pleasant experience. You hear a thud and suddenly it is a bumpy ride. You realize quickly that one of your car tires just blew out in the Fairmont, WV area. You are able to safely steer the car to the side of the road. After getting out of the vehicle and looking at the flat tire, you cringe at the thought of changing the tire as cars whiz by within feet of your car on Interstate 79. You instead decide to call the professionals at Waterfront Towing at (304) 534‑4880 to change the tire.

Sending Roadside Technicians to You in an Emergency

When you call Waterfront Towing about your flat tire, one of our experienced technicians will arrive as quickly as possible at your location. We service Marion County, WV, Monongalia County, WV, and Greene County, PA 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so do not worry about if we can get to the location or if it is past business hours. We will communicate with you about when our truck will arrive and any delays that may occur before arrival. We have mini service vehicles to help with flat tires and other repairs. It makes it easy for us to get to emergency customers quickly if our tow trucks are in use.

Tips While You Wait For Our Arrival

Whether you are on the side of the road or in a parking lot, the Waterfront Towing driver will get to your location as soon as possible. While you wait, though, some tips include:

Stay calm. We will take care of it.

Make sure you have a spare tire.

If you do not have a spare tire, call someone for a ride.

Let somebody know what happened, even if you have a spare tire.

If you get out of the car along the side of the road, be careful and watch traffic.

Here is What We Do When We Get There

When a professional from Waterfront Towing arrives at your location in Fairmont, WV, Morgantown, WV or Waynesburg, PA, they will jack the vehicle up, take off the lug nuts, which can be difficult to remove without the right tools, and take the tire off. We will examine the rest of your tires and your spare tire. If your spare tire is not in good condition, then we do not want to put and have it go flat. If the spare tire is good, we put it on, tighten all the lug nuts and it is ready to go.

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