Towing and Roadside Services in Fairmont, WV

Waterfront Towing Should be Your Local Choice for Vehicle Towing

Waterfront Towing makes the towing process as easy as possible for you because we really care about you and your vehicle. When your vehicle needs towed in the Fairmont, WV area, we should be your first call. When your vehicle breaks down along the side of the road, it can be a confusing and stressful time. You wonder who you should call, and how long will it take to get your car, truck, minivan, or other vehicle towed.

This is where Waterfront Towing can step in and make it less stressful for you. Our first-time customers love dealing with us, and they often call us again when they need a tow or roadside service. We offer many other emergency 24/7 roadside services, so call us at (304) 534‑4880.

Waterfront Towing’s Services Include:

Our Lockout Services Get You Back in Your Vehicle Quickly

Have you locked your keys in your car, truck, minivan, or other vehicle? It is a common and embarrassing mistake, but when you call Waterfront Towing for our lockout services, we will not judge. Our understanding and professional technicians will arrive at your location to unlock your vehicle and get you back on the road. We will not damage your vehicle to enter it. Why call a towing company when you do not need towed? We do so much more than tow vehicles, and we are equipped to come to you aid in Fairmont, WV, Mannington, WV, or Pleasant Valley, WV when you lock your keys in your vehicle.

Our Jumpstarts Brings Your Dead Battery Back to Life

A dead battery is the most common problem with vehicles being unable to start, especially during very cold weather. You might just need a jumpstart, but the experienced technicians at Waterfront Towing know how to diagnose other problems that drivers frequently experience when their vehicles will not start. That is one reason why Waterfront provides such high-quality roadside assistance services. Our trucks and mini vehicles have equipment such as jumper cables, so you can rest assured that we will come to your location prepared to get you back on the road.

Proudly Serving These Areas in Marion County, WV

Fairmount, WV

Mannington, WV

Pleasant Valley, WV

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